Jet Coal Coalescence Separation Wedge Wire Filter


  1. For jet fuel with the same flow, the number of filters used is reduced by half, which reduces the workload and intensity of installing and removing filters.
  2. The diameter of the cylindrical body of the filter separator carrying the filter element can be reduced, which also reduces the manufacturing cost of the filter separator.
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In the process of refining, storage, and transportation, aviation kerosene will be mixed with water and impurities to varying degrees. Before use, the impurities and water in the aviation kerosene must be removed, and the oil can be used after reaching the oil cleanliness standard.

At present, the equipment used for jet fuel purification is a jet fuel filter separator, which is mainly used to remove impurities and moisture in jet fuel.

The jet fuel filter separator is equipped with a coalescence filter element and a separate filter element two-stage filter element. The existing coalescence and separation filter elements mainly have the following problems:

  1. The coalescence and separation filter elements are two-stage filter elements, that is, two filter elements, so the installation and disassembly of the filter element require a lot of work, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.
  2. Coalescing and separation cartridges are two-stage cartridges, so for filter separators loaded with these cartridges, the required barrel diameter increases, and the cost of the filter separator increases.

In the process of refining, storage, and transportation, aviation kerosene will be mixed with moisture and impurities to varying degrees, and these impurities will affect the operation of aircraft engines.

For example, moisture can cause corrosion of fuel system components, microbial growth, and icing.

Solid impurities can cause pump wear, control valve blocking, oil filter blockage, and nozzle erosion.

These phenomena may cause wear and tear and affect the service life of the engine, or cause the engine to stall. Therefore, this moisture and impurities in the jet fuel must be removed before use to meet the use standard.

In order to overcome the above problems, BLUSLOT provides a new type of jet fuel coalescing separation wedge wire filter element.


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