Industrial Self-Cleaning Wedge Wire Filter Screen


  1. Equipped with a suction nozzle to sweep and suck up the dirt on the inner wall of the wedge wire filter screen for a better cleaning effect.
  2. The up and down shaking of the cleaning frame makes the dirt remaining on the cleaning brush easier to fall off.
  3. Avoid clogging the gaps of the filter cartridge with large particles.

Why Use The BLU-ZQX-33 Self Cleaning Filter Screens?

The self-cleaning filter is a special filter device that uses a filter screen to intercept solid impurities and particles in the water, thereby reducing the turbidity of the water and improving the water quality.

Water enters the filter through the water inlet, and the filter inside the machine intercepts impurities in the water.

When the dirt on the filter reaches a certain level, the system will automatically open the drain valve and the sewage mechanism in the body to clean and remove the impurities on the filter, and it will flow continuously during the drain, which is widely used in industrial water treatment.

The existing self-cleaning filter can be controlled by a remote control box and remote equipment.

The water enters the self-cleaning filter through the water inlet and first passes through the coarse filter element assembly to filter out larger particles of impurities.

Then it reaches the fine filter, after filtering out the fine particles of impurities through the fine filter, the clean water is discharged from the water outlet.

During the filtration process, impurities in the inner layer of the fine filter gradually accumulate, and a pressure difference is formed on both sides of the fine filter. When this pressure difference reaches the preset value, the automatic cleaning process will start.

The drain valve opens, and the hydraulic motor chamber and hydraulic cylinder of the main pipe assembly release the pressure and discharge the water.

The pressure in the hydraulic motor chamber and the sewage suction pipe drops significantly. Due to the negative pressure, the dirt on the inner wall of the fine filter is sucked by the suction nozzle, and the dirt flows into the hydraulic motor chamber by the hydraulic motor, and is discharged by the sewage valve to form a dirt suction process.

When water flows through the hydraulic motor, it drives the sewage suction pipe to rotate. The hydraulic cylinder piston drives the sewage suction pipe to move axially. The sewage suction assembly cleans the entire inner surface of the filter screen completely through the combination of axial movement and rotating movement

However, the existing self-cleaning filter cleaning device only relies on the suction force of the suction nozzle to absorb the dirt on the inner wall of the fine filter screen, and it is difficult to clean the attached impurities.

Use a cleaning brush to clean, and the cleaning brush will easily leave dirt. After a long time of use, it will affect its cleaning effect.

Moreover, the mesh of the coarse filter cartridge is easily blocked by large particles of impurities, which affects its filtering effect. The water flow rate is slow and the work efficiency is reduced.

The BLU-ZQX-33 series products solve the problems in the prior art that the cleaning effect on the inner wall of the fine filter is poor and the gaps of the coarse filter cylinder are easily blocked by large particles of impurities.


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