Hydrogenation Unit Feed Oil Filter Screen


Brand: Bluslot®
Type: Wedge Wire Screen
Material: SS304, 316, 316l, 2205,32750, 904, 904L, Hastelloy
Slot size:  40 – 60 microns
Equipment: Refinery 400,000 t/a coking gasoline and diesel hydrofining unit
Application: Oil refinery | Feedstock oil for coking gasoline and diesel hydrofining unit | Raw oil filter | Hydrotreating unit

Why BLU-JQZ-01 Series Feed Oil Filter Screen?

Ordinary raw oil filter screens are often clogged. If the problem of filter clogging cannot be solved, it will be difficult to achieve full-load, long-period and stable operation in the production of the device.

After the coke powder in the raw oil is brought into the reaction system in large quantities, it is easy to cause the heat exchanger tube to be blocked first, and the liquid flow is blocked.

At the same time, if coke powder is brought into the catalyst bed in the reactor, it will be deposited in the gap between the catalyst particles. In addition to reducing the porosity of the bed and causing the increase in bed pressure drop, it will also cause agglomeration on the top of the bed.

Because the coking gasoline and diesel feedstock contain a large number of olefins, it is easy to condense and coke on the top of the bed, which worsens the rise in bed pressure drop and material bias, resulting in a decrease in catalyst utilization. In severe cases, the system has to shut down due to too much pressure difference in the system.

Therefore, for coking gasoline and diesel hydrogenation devices, doing a good job of filtering the coke powder in the raw oil is a key issue related to the long-term operation of the hydrogenation device and the better performance of the catalyst activity.

The use effect and cycle of the filter element are naturally the core of the problem.

BLU-JQZ-01 Series Feed Oil Filter Screen uses wedge wire screens as raw materials, which can perfectly solve this problem.

Description of BLU-JQZ-01 Series Feed Oil Filter Screen

Diameter & Length: 219mm / 1000mm
Thickness: 8mm
Slot size: 40 – 60 microns

  • The gap of the Johnson wedge wire screen filter element is much smaller than the size of the impurities, so a large amount of coke powder cannot pass through the filter mesh and enter the reaction system, but is trapped on the surface of the metal mesh.
  • A large amount of coke powder accumulates on the outer surface of the metal mesh, to a certain extent, will sink into the bottom of the filter under the action of gravity, so it is not easy to be blocked.
  • Even if it is blocked, steam can be used to blowback, so that the coke powder adhering to the surface of the metal screen can be blown off.
  • During use, it was found that the pressure difference before and after the filter increased to 0.2M Pa in 2 months, and it can be used for 1 month with steam back-blowing after clogging.
  • It took only 20 days after the second blowback. Open the filter cover and check that a large amount of coke dust is deposited on the bottom of the filter.
  • Remove the filter and dry it in the sun, blow it with 0.5M Pa wind, and all the coke dust attached to it will fall off.
  • After reloading and putting it into use, the filtering effect is the same as that of a new metal mesh.


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