Hydrogen Peroxide Refining Equipment Filter Nozzle


  1. The installation method of double nuts completely eliminates the dead zone on the installation board.
  2. Reasonable combined installation structure, shorten the regeneration cleaning time and quickly complete the cleaning of the residual regeneration agent.
  3. Improve equipment performance, save resources, reduce production costs, and improve work efficiency.
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Why Use The BLU-BSQ-M-04 Filter Nozzle?

BLU-BSQ-M-04 is a water filter nozzle for hydrogen peroxide refining equipment used in the hydrogen peroxide purification process.

The original water filter nozzle structure is: including a screw rod, mounting plate, upper nut, filter cap, the lower end of the screw rod is installed with a filter nozzle, the upper-end face of the filter nozzle is in contact with the lower end face of the mounting plate, and the upper nut is installed on the screw rod above the mounting plate.

Its working principle is to separate the liquid and resin through the gap on the filter cap, that is, only the liquid is allowed to pass through, and the resin is not allowed to pass through, and at the same time, the purpose of evenly distributing the liquid with large resistance is achieved.

However, in the existing installation method, the installation structure is not firm, and the liquid entering the filter cap is likely to cause a large dead water area on the installation plate.

When cleaning the refining equipment, its regeneration and reduction time is long, and each regeneration takes 4-6 hours.

And it needs to spend a lot of pure water and regenerate to complete the regeneration, which wastes resources, increases the production cost, reduces the utilization rate, and also reduces the production efficiency.

BLUSLOT provides a water filter nozzle for hydrogen peroxide refining equipment, which has a double nut mounting structure, and the mounting structure is firm.


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