Hub Lateral Systems For High Concentration Wastewater Anaerobic Reactor


Brand: Bluslot®
Type: Hub Lateral Screen
Material: SS304, 316, 316l, 2205,32750, 904, 904L, Hastelloy
Slot size:  10 microns or more
Connection method: threaded fittings, couplings, or flanges
Application: Wastewater Anaerobic Reactor

Why Use BLU-BSQ-H-01 Series Wedge Wire Hub Lateral Screen?

At present, IC and EGSB, as the third generation anaerobic reactor, have been widely used in high concentration organic wastewater treatment technology. In practical engineering, the uniformity of water distribution and reasonable flow rate of the anaerobic reactor is conducive to the formation of granular sludge, form a good stirring effect in the rising process of water flow, fully mix the sludge and water, and improve the effect of wastewater treatment. The traditional anaerobic reactor adopts perforated pipe water distribution. Due to the large water distribution area and insufficient pore service, it is easy to cause uneven water distribution and the existence of dead corners. In addition, the pipeline is easy to be blocked and the later maintenance is cumbersome.

BLU-BSQ-H-01 series products are developed to provide an anaerobic reactor Hub Lateral Systems for high concentration wastewater treatment with uniform water distribution, full mixing of mud and water, and avoiding blockage.

Advantage of BLU-BSQ-H-01 Series Wedge Wire Hub Lateral Screen

  • The water inlet pipe of the anaerobic reactor water hub lateral systems for high concentration wastewater treatment of the utility model is connected with the water distribution bag, and the connection between each water distribution pipe and the water distribution bag is provided with a gate valve. Because the cross-sectional area of the water distribution bag and each water distribution pipe is very different, and it can be adjusted through the gate to ensure the uniformity of water distribution.
  • A check valve is installed at the connection between the water hub lateral screen pipe and the tank body, which can prevent sewage overflow when the pipe is damaged and is conducive to system maintenance.
  • The utility model is equipped with a fan-shaped water distribution plate, which is welded with each other and a weld is reserved between the plates, which can make the water inlet swirl, improve the rising flow rate and promote sludge granulation. At the same time, the sludge at the upper part of the water distribution cover will not flow back into the water distribution cover to prevent the water hub lateral screen pipe from being blocked.
  • The number and distribution of water wedge wire screen hub lateral screen pipes can be adjusted according to the area of the anaerobic reactor, and the uniformity of water distribution can be improved by multi-point water distribution.


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