High-Humidity Slag Material Separator Screw Press Screen


  1. High tensile strength, not easy to deform
  2. It effectively solves the problem of clogging the sieve holes, so that the water falling efficiency is greatly improved
  3. Water is easily separated from the material

Why Use The BLU-FLJ-18 Screw Press Screen?

At present, the screw extrusion dewatering machine has been widely used in the dewatering operation of the high-moisture residue material before dewatering. Such as the dehydration of distiller grains, fruit residue, medicinal residue, cassava residue, etc., about 20% of the moisture in the material can be removed, which greatly reduces the burden of the separator. The output is greatly improved, and the energy consumption is greatly reduced. It is indispensable processing equipment before drying high-humidity materials.

The sieve holes of the common screen mesh in the prior art are cylindrical holes, and the sieve hole diameters are consistent up and down. Since the sieve hole diameter is generally 1.5mm from the inlet end to the outlet end, the sieve holes are arranged on the mesh sheet according to a regular triangle.

This screen has the following disadvantages:

  • Due to the small diameter of the sieve hole, it is easy to be blocked, and the sieve hole needs to be cleaned frequently, which greatly increases the downtime and paralyzes the entire machine.
  • It is not conducive to the separation of water and materials, and the dehydration efficiency of the dehydrator is low.
  • The impact resistance and wear resistance are poor, the noise is large, the service life is short, and the screen mesh needs to be replaced frequently.

BLU-FLJ-18 is used for the screen of the screw extrusion dewatering. It has a reasonable structure design, the screen holes are not easy to be blocked, and the downtime caused by the cleaning time of the screen holes is greatly shortened.

The dehydration efficiency of the dewatering is improved, the service life of the screen is prolonged, and the problems existing in the prior art are solved.


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