Heavy Oil Catalytic Cracking Oil Slurry Filter Element


Type: Wedge Wire Filter
Filter medium: Oil slurry
Backwash solvent: FCC dry gas and diesel
Function: Fully meet the technological requirements of replacing wax oil with oil slurry as fuel and decoking as raw material

Why Use The BLU-CHL-01 Filter Element?

Ensuring the smooth flow of the slurry system plays a key role in the smooth operation of the entire catalytic cracking unit.

The oil slurry can be used to make carbon black and needle coke as raw material, as a blending component of fuel heavy oil, and as a rubber additive for aromatics extraction. It shows that it has a good development prospect and important development and application value.

In the past, the catalyst dust contained in the external oil slurry was as high as 3100 μg·g -1 or more, which adversely affected the product quality of fuel oil and petroleum coke.

Therefore, the development of slurry purification and separation technology is an urgent problem that petrochemical companies need to solve.  The successful development of the automatic slurry filtration system completely solved this problem.

Therefore, BLUSLOT has developed the BLU-CHL-01 series of filter elements.


  • The average removal rate of catalyst particles carried by the oil slurry by the oil slurry filtration system has reached more than 94%.
  • The solid content has dropped below 220 μg·g -1, which fully meets the needs of oil slurry to replace wax oil as fuel and decoking as raw material.
  • The application of this filter element has brought good economic benefits to the company.
  • It has the characteristics of continuous operation of filter element backwashing, automatic operation, smooth return of backwashing fluid and catalyst, etc., which improves operating flexibility.
  • It has reduced the occurrence of pipeline blockage of oil slurry and lays the foundation for the long-term smooth operation of the device. It has also taken an important step in the production of a clean oil slurry.

Backwashing of BLU-CHL-01 Filter Element

  • After soaking with the washing liquid, the original gas is reversed to flush the dirt and impurities that have not been washed away, which significantly improves the cleaning effect. At the same time, the consumption of soaking liquid is small, and there is no secondary pollutant at the bottom of the filter.
  • The dirty oil discharged from the backwash enters the storage tank. After the raw oil is diluted, the mixture of the dirty oil and the raw oil in the storage tank is boosted by the variable-frequency speed-regulating slurry pump and then sent to the riser reactor.
  • This ensures that the riser reactor has a continuous and stable material input, thereby avoiding temperature and pressure fluctuations in the riser reactor and blockage at the bottom of the storage tank.
  • Because of the low freezing point of the oil slurry, all corresponding pipelines, valves, and instruments must be equipped with heat tracing measures and be equipped with line sweeping steam.


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