Fumaric Acid Wedge Wire Filter


  1. High filtration accuracy, high crystal removal rate, fast filtration speed, large dirt interception capacity, and strong adjustability.
  2. Small land area, low cost per ton of water, low water consumption for backwashing, and high degree of automation.
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Why Use The BLU-FMS-01 Wedge Wire Filter?

Fumaric acid, also known as fumaric acid, Cordie acid, or lichenic acid, or fumaric acid (IUPAC name (E)-butanediol acid), is a colorless, flammable crystal derived from butene out of the acid.

Its chemical formula is C4H404. Burning fumaric acid releases pungent maleic smoke. It tastes like fruit and can be found in Corydalis, Boletus, Lichens, and Icelandic Nori.

There are various methods of producing fumaric acid in the industry.

Its main source is the oxidation of benzene (or butene) to maleic acid (or maleic acid tincture) in the presence of a catalyst, which is then obtained by isomerization.

The benzene (or 80% butene) is oxidized with excess air in a fluidized bed or fixed bed reactor to generate maleic anhydride, which is absorbed by the circulating acid to generate maleic acid.

After decolorization and filtration, maleic acid is isomerized under the action of sulfur catalyst, and the reactant is filtered, washed, and dried to obtain fumaric acid. The isomerization catalyst also uses a persulfate-bromide mixture or metal salts, amine salts, mercaptans, and 10-20% hydrochloric acid.

Carbohydrates such as sucrose, glucose, and maltose can also be fermented by black root bacteria to produce fumaric acid.

With the method of sugar fermentation, it product needs to consume 8t of grain, which is very uneconomical economically. Domestic research uses liquid paraffin instead of grain to ferment.

Using liquid wax with more C16-C18 content as a carbon source, after 80-88h fermentation, the conversion rate of liquid wax is about 50%, and the extraction rate is above 50%.

Furfural method Using furfural as raw material, it is obtained by sodium chlorate oxidation.

However, there is no professional filtering equipment in the production process of fumaric acid, therefore, professional filtering equipment is urgently needed for the production and processing of fumaric acid.

BLU-FMS-01 provides a kind of fumaric acid crystal wedge wire filter, in order to solve the problem that the filtration precision of granular filter material is limited by the particle size of filter material.


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