Floor Coating Wedge Wire Filter


  1. Speed up the filtration speed and enter to improve the efficiency.
  2. Avoid blockages that affect efficiency.
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Why Use The BLU-DPTL-03 Wedge Wire Filter?

As a new type of building material, floor coatings have been widely used in recent years and have developed very rapidly. There are many types of floor coatings. In the prior art, when the floor paint is processed and produced, the paint needs to be filtered to remove impurities in the paint.

At present, there are still some deficiencies in the existing floor paint filter devices.

In the production process of the existing filtration device, because the paint has a certain viscosity, the filtration efficiency is low, and the filter screen is easily blocked.

It does not have the function of cleaning the filter screen, which affects the filtering efficiency.

BLU-DPTL-03 provides a floor paint filter device that solves the above-mentioned problems.


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