Filter Element of Sewage Electrodialysis Desalination System


Bluslot provides customized service for wedge wire screen filter element of Sewage Electrodialysis Desalination System.

Bluslot provides a wedge wire filter element of wastewater and sewage electrodialysis desalination device, which belongs to the technical field of electrodialysis treatment, and is used to solve the problems of low ion separation efficiency, complex structure and difficult maintenance of existing electrodialysis equipment.

Wastewater generally refers to the water discharged during residents’ activities and runoff rainwater, including domestic wastewater, industrial wastewater and other useless water flowing into drainage pipes and canals. Sewage generally refers to certain polluted water from life and production that has lost its original use function, which contains more organic matter. Electrodialysis is a process for ions in wastewater treatment. Its principle is that under the action of electric field, ions selectively pass through the corresponding semi permeable membrane to complete the separation. It was originally used in seawater desalination. Now it is widely used in wastewater treatment plants for the desalination and separation of saline alkali ions in wastewater.


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