Filter Element Of Diatomite Filter For Removing Impurities From Electrolyte


Brand: Bluslot®
Type: Wedge Wire Screen
Material: SS304, 316, 316l, 2205,32750, 904, 904L
Filtering accuracy: 20 microns – 4000 microns
Filtering direction: FOTI & FITO
Application: Diatomite filter for removing impurities from electrolyte

BLU-GZT-02 series wedge wire filter is a large diatomite filter element used for electrolyte filtration.

BLU-GZT-02 Series Diatomaceous Earth Wedge Wire Filter Element Specification And Installation Position

  • The sealed tank is installed horizontally.
  • One side of the tank cover is provided with a wedge wire filter screen outlet support.
  • The upper part of the outlet support is a horizontal slide, a vertical slide rod is arranged on the horizontal slide, and the lower end of the slide rod is connected to the outside of the tank cover.
  • The inner side of the tank cover is connected with the filter element through two horizontally arranged hanging rods.
  • 46 pcs BLU-GZT-02 series wedge wire filter screens are required for the whole equipment.
  • The filter element comprises a polygonal slot frame, the two sides of which are respectively wrapped with a wedge wire filter screen to form a hollow filter element, the bottom slot frame of the hollow filter screen is provided with a liquid outlet, the liquid outlet is connected with the filtrate branch pipe, and the filtrate branch pipe is connected with the liquid outlet pipe.
  • As a filter medium, diatomite is attached to the screen wall of the wedge wire filter screen by negative pressure. The microporous characteristics of diatomite can adsorb and prevent the passage of small impurities, so as to filter the electrolyte.
  • The design adopts a large number of hollow filter elements, which can increase the filtration surface area and improve the filtration speed to meet the needs of rapid production.
  • The filtering accuracy has been improved to 1 μ In fact, the use cost is low.


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