Filter Element For Condensate Conveyor


Brand: Bluslot®
Type: Wedge Wire Screen
Material: SS304, 316, 316l, 2205,32750, 904, 904L
Filtering accuracy: 10 microns – 4000 microns
Function: Remove iron ions, iron oxide, and other suspended solids in boiler condensate water.
Application: Steam boiler condensate filtration

Why Use The BLU-DS-13 Filter Element?

Condensate water is the product of steam boiler steam. When water is heated in the boiler, it turns into steam. After use, the steam cools down and then phases into water. It is recovered through the condensate pipeline. It has the highest use-value for the reuse of condensed water. It is reused as a boiler water supplement.

  1. It can reduce the production of softened water and reduce the environmental pollution and softening costs of the softening process.
  2. It can effectively reduce the total solids of the boiler water and reduce the boiler blowdown.
  3. The heat in the condensate is recovered with maximum efficiency, reducing thermal pollution and energy consumption.

From the above three aspects, the reuse of condensed water after treatment to make up water in the boiler is a powerful move that is very conducive to environmental protection and water-saving, energy-saving, and renewable chemicals.

At present, in the field of low-pressure boilers, the reuse of condensate is not optimistic. Most of the condensate is discharged, which not only causes waste but also pollutes the environment.

The main problem that condensed water cannot be reused is that it contains high concentrations of iron ions and also contains suspended solids such as iron oxide, which cannot meet the basic requirements of boiler water supplements.

The BLU-DS-13 series product is a filter element for condensate conveyors, which can solve these problems.

A gas-liquid pump and a gas-water mixer are used to achieve the oxidation of iron ions in the condensed water, and the equipment used in the method is simple, cheap, easy to maintain, and efficient.

Advantage of BLU-DS-13 Filter Element

  • The gas-liquid pump and gas-water mixer are used to achieve the oxidation of iron ions in the condensate, and the method is reasonable and practical.
  • The filter element is cheap, easy to maintain, and efficient.
  • The wedge wire filter element can efficiently remove large-size impurity particles, colloids, and suspended solids, and has the characteristics of low cost, convenient operation, maintenance, and management.
  • The pressure is reduced and the opening rate is high, which can better control the flow of clean water and is convenient to use.


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