Feed Oil Wedge Wire Filter For Hydrocracking Unit


  1. The structure is more stable and the integrity of the filter block is protected, thereby increasing the service life of the raw oil filter.
  2. Hydrogen will not enter the inside of the casing, and it will not cause gas explosion inside the machine, and the safety is high.

Why Use The BLU-JQZ-76 Wedge Wire Filter?

The crude oil filter is mainly used to filter out impurities such as sediment, fine stones, and other large particles entrained in the crude oil, which plays a very important role in effectively protecting the normal operation of the pump.

The hydrocracking type crude oil filter uses atomic combinations such as fission of hydrogen atoms to carry out catalytic cracking under hydrogen conditions, which can inhibit the dehydrogenation condensation reaction that occurs during the catalytic cracking and avoid the formation of coke.

High-grade products without olefins can be obtained, and the liquid yield can be as high as 100% or more.

Hydrocracking is essentially an organic combination of hydrogenation and catalytic cracking, which enables heavy oil to generate light oil such as gasoline, kerosene and diesel through catalytic cracking.

The existing technology has the following problems:

The existing raw oil filter uses a filter block to filter the raw oil, and the raw oil is filled with hydrogen, so that the hydrogen and the raw oil undergo a chemical reaction, thereby separating sulfur, ammonia atoms, and metal impurities in the oil.

However, after the filter block is used for a long time, it will absorb a large number of metal impurities, etc., which will make the filtering effect worse, and the refined oil will contain metal particles.

In the process of industrial production and automobile operation, there will be too many impurities in the power room of the machine or the fuel tank of the automobile, and even damage to the machine, and the external inflator will charge the hydrogen into the interior of the casing.

The hydrogen reacts chemically with the raw oil. When an emergency occurs and the hydrogen filling needs to be stopped, it is necessary to quickly run to the inflator to close the inflator.

During this time, accidents such as hydrogen explosions are likely to occur inside the filter, which seriously threatens the safety of operators.

BLU-JQZ-76 provides a feed oil wedge wire filter screen for a hydrocracking unit to solve the above-mentioned problems of incomplete filtration and difficulty in controlling the amount of hydrogen charged.


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