EDI Ultrapure Water Equipment Resin Trap Screen


  1. Brand: Bluslot.
  2. Material: Stainless steel 304.
  3. Type: Wedge wire resin trap screen.
  4. Gap size: Customizable.
  5. Inlet Dia: 280mm.
  6. Water quality: ultrapure water.
  7. Application: Electronic optoelectronics, chemical metallurgy, power plant boilers, electroplating and coating industries; precision machinery, automobile industry, and other industries.
  8. Packing: special wooden box.
  9. MOQ: 1 PC.
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Deionized water equipment filter element

EDI (Electro-de-ionization) is a pure water manufacturing technology that combines ion exchange technology, ion exchange membrane technology, and ion electromigration technology (electrodialysis technology).

This technology utilizes ion exchange energy for deep desalination to overcome the incomplete desalination due to electrodialysis polarization and utilizes electrodialysis polarization to generate H and OH ions due to water ionization to achieve resin self-regeneration to overcome resin failure.

This wedge wire resin trap filter element is used in the resin exchange process, it is used to capture resin, avoid the blockage of downstream equipment caused by resin loss, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the system.

EDI Vs Mixed Bed

Historically, systems for producing ultrapure water have always relied on ion exchange. These systems consist of positive bed + negative bed + mixed bed. While this system produces ultrapure water, it requires extensive regeneration. Over the past two decades, reverse osmosis has been accepted in the industry as a replacement for both positive and negative beds. The EDI system is now also replacing the mixed bed in the refining field, and together with the RO, the EDI system will provide a continuously operating, chemical-free system.

Resin trap filters (screen) are also used in EDI systems, Bluslot can provide customized services for various specifications of products for global customers.


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