DSM Screen For Fresh Cane Juice


  1. The content of sugarcane bran and solid non-sugar in sugarcane juice is reduced, and finally, the content of pigment, sugarcane wax, and sugarcane fat in sugarcane bran entering sugarcane juice is reduced.
  2. The filtration and sedimentation load of the subsequent clarification treatment is reduced.
  3. Increase the filtering area and improve the filtering efficiency.
  4. There is no need to manually remove the sugarcane bran on the screen, which reduces the labor intensity.

Why Use The BLU-GZJ-76 DSM Screen?

There will be some foam, gum, etc. remaining in the pressed fresh cane juice, and the existence of these impurities will have a great impact on the quality of the processed cane sugar.

Therefore, fresh cane juice should be sieved before processing to remove solid impurities, foam, and gum.

The traditional separation method is to pass the fresh cane juice through an ordinary screen, and manually remove the residue on the screen, namely the sugarcane bran.

This not only increases the labor intensity of the operator but also reduces the production efficiency.

Therefore, it is particularly important to improve the screening device to improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

BLU-GZJ-76 provides sugarcane bran and sugarcane juice DSM screen.


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