Domestic Sewage Self-Cleaning Wedge Wire Screen


  1. The filter plate is cleaned in the clean water tank, realizing the online cleaning of the filter plate
  2. Prevents clogging of filter plates without disassembly, improving work continuity

Why Use The BLU-WSCL-098 Wedge Wire Screen?

Sewage treatment equipment can effectively treat domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, etc. in urban areas, so as to prevent sewage and pollutants from directly flowing into the water area.

It is of great significance to improve the ecological environment, enhance the quality of the city and promote economic development.

Sewage treatment requires the use of filter plates to filter particles, and the filter plates need to be cleaned regularly. At present, most of the filter plates of sewage treatment devices on the market are connected by bolts.

Therefore, a worker needs to use a wrench to disassemble the filter plate, and then clean it up. After cleaning, it needs to be reinstalled, which reduces the work efficiency.

BLU-WSCL-098 provides a self-cleaning wedge wire filter screen for sewage treatment.


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