Diatomaceous Earth Wedge Wire Filter Element For Fragrance


  1. It can complete the filter production and post-filtering with high cake efficiency, high efficiency and simple operation.
  2. Able to avoid solution leakage.
  3. The filter cartridge is movably connected to the filter plate to facilitate the disassembly and cleaning of the filter plate.
  4. It can also perform the functions of circulating filtration and collecting filtrate respectively.

Why Use The BLU-GZTL-01 Wedge Wire Candle Filter?

Diatomaceous earth is a kind of biochemical sedimentary rock composed of cell walls of aquatic plants that are called diatomaceous earth and the like.

There are countless small pores and multiple pores, the particle size of the powder is very small, about 90% of the micron is the permeability space, and the main component SiO2 accounts for 85%-90%.

With good chemical stability, high temperature resistance, insolubility and non-toxicity, this porous particle provides a great filtering capacity, can remove particles below 1-0.1 microns (including microorganisms and bacteria) and can break up Include.

The diatomaceous earth filter is a filtration device that uses diatomaceous earth as the main medium to remove suspended particles, colloids and other impurities in the water by using the fineness and porosity of the diatomaceous earth particles.

It is widely used in the clarification and filtration of liquid products such as fruit wine, white wine, health wine, wine, syrup, beverages, soy sauce, vinegar, and other foods.

In the processing of spices, citrus flavors generally contain cold-pressed natural essential oils such as orange, tangerine, and lemon oil, which are easy to accumulate pectin substances and cause precipitation during storage. Therefore, diatomaceous earth filters are required for filtration.

In the existing device, because the diatomite filter needs to be cleaned and replaced frequently to maintain efficient filtration, the ordinary filter device settings do not meet the requirements for easy replacement.

Existing equipment has complicated pipeline connections and needs to control multiple valves during operation. It has high requirements for operation and is prone to misoperation, which may cause processing accidents and affect production.

BLU-GZTL-01 is a diatomaceous earth wedge wire filter for fragrances, to solve the above-mentioned background art problems.


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