Desulfurization Amine Solution Wedge Wire Filter


  1. The automatic backwashing overcomes the problems of low efficiency of traditional filter cloth, frequent backwashing, small dirt holding capacity of the bag filter, and inability to deal with the replaced waste bags.
  2. It has the advantages of sharing and breaking the foam-like groups existing in the lean liquid, destroying the elastic gel layer forming the foam, and not forming air resistance.

Why Use The BLU-AYG-71 Wedge Wire Filter?

Filtration and purification of desulfurization solvent is a commonly used method in amine desulfurization solvent purification systems.

At present, domestic refineries usually set up two-stage (filter cloth, bag type or filter element + activated carbon) or three-stage (bag type + activated carbon ten-bag type) filter devices on the lean liquid side, according to 15-20% of the lean liquid amount.

This two-stage or three-stage filter device is manufactured by the factory and installed by the user on-site for every single component.

It brings certain inconveniences to both users and manufacturers. Although these filtration methods play a certain role in alleviating the pollution of amine liquid in actual use, they have not fundamentally solved the problem.

BLU-AYG-71 overcomes the shortcomings of the current two- or three-stage filtration and purification devices, and provides a wedge wire filter element with good filtration and purification effect that can solve the pollution of refinery gas desulfurization amine liquid.


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