Delayed Coking Wax Oil Automatic Backwashing Filter Element


Type: Wedge Wire Filter
Filtering effect: more than 95%
Effect: Significantly improve the quality of the pump flushing oil of the coking unit, reduce the leakage frequency of the hot oil pump mechanical seal, broaden the raw material structure of the secondary and tertiary processing equipment in the refinery, and improve the efficiency of oil refining.

Why Use The BLU-LYGL-01 Self Cleaning Filter Element?

Compared with straight-run wax oil, coking wax oil has the characteristics of high density, high residual carbon value, and high content of impurities, sulfur, nitrogen, metal content, aromatic hydrocarbons, and gums. Refineries are generally used as feedstock for catalytic cracking or hydrocracking. raw material.

According to design requirements, the coking light wax oil is mixed with reduced first-line, reduced second-line, and heavy-duty light diesel to be used as raw material for hydrocracking units.

However, due to the high content of coke powder in the coking wax oil, the coke powder will deposit on the surface of the catalyst after directly entering the hydrocracking unit, causing the catalyst bed to increase in pressure drop and bridging, drifting, etc. occur in the catalyst bed.

Eventually, the catalyst is deactivated and the device cannot be operated. For this reason, it can only be used as a raw material for catalytic cracking.

Because wax oil contains a large number of nitrides, the activity, and selectivity of the catalytic cracking catalyst are reduced, the conversion rate and gasoline yield are reduced, and the number of scorch increases.

The flushing oil for the mechanical seal of the hot oil pump of the coking unit is light wax oil produced by the coking unit. Because the coking wax oil contains a large amount of coke powder, the mechanical seal frequently leaks, which brings great hidden dangers to safe and stable production.

In order to optimize the raw material structure of the refinery and improve the quality of pump flushing oil, BLUSLOT has developed the BLU-LYGL-01 series of filter elements.

Cleaning of BLU-LYGL-01 Filter Element

  • Under normal working conditions, coke powder gradually accumulates on the surface of the filter element, which reduces the effective filtering area of the filter element and causes the system pressure drop to reach a predetermined value.
  • Differential pressure transmitter output signal, DCS output signal to the actuator of each valve according to the programmed program. First, open the raw material inlet valve and outlet valve of the backup filter, group B is put into normal operation, close the inlet and outlet valves of group A, and switch the filter A for backwashing.
  • The backwashing medium is 0. 7 MPa pressure-stabilized nitrogen. The pressure-stabilized nitrogen is used to blast flush the filter element to quickly clean off the impurities accumulated on the surface of the filter element.
  • Close the nitrogen inlet valve and the drain valve, and the A group will automatically enter the standby working state after being filled with wax oil.
  • If the filter system is backwashed with nitrogen and the running time is less than 3 h or the pressure difference is greater than 0.1 MPa, the DCS program control automatically enters the state of soaking oil soaking function, and the soaking time is adjusted according to the soaking effect (generally specified as 2 h).
  • Then, backwashing is also performed with gas assistance to achieve maximum efficiency in removing the filter cake accumulated on the surface of the filter element.


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