CVTL Tubular Self-Cleaning Wedge Wire Filter


  1. With a super large filtering area and super large flow, the filtering effect and efficiency are improved.
  2. The filter element is a wedge-shaped wire structure. The wedge-shaped design increases the reverse pressure difference by more than 7 times. The flushing is thorough, the regeneration capacity is strong, and the arc-shaped filter gap improves the erosion resistance and service life.
  3. The highest filtration accuracy can reach 10μm, and the filtration gaps are uniform, which can effectively remove fibers, colloids, and large particles of impurities, purify the stock solution and protect key equipment.

Why Use The BLU-ZQX-36 Self Cleaning Filter Screens?

Conventional filters are usually used in parallel with two or more units under the condition of large flow and uninterrupted production.

The filter element needs to be replaced or removed for cleaning during cleaning, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, affects the processing efficiency, and cannot meet the requirements of automatic continuous operation.

The CVTL tube-type self-cleaning filter is a multi-tube modular automatic self-cleaning filter, which uses filtered liquid or external clean water to clean each tube individually in turn. It has continuous filtration, modular automatic cleaning, and drainage, The operation is stable and reliable, the processing capacity is large, the operation and maintenance cost is low, and the service life is long.

CVTL tube-type self-cleaning The cleaning and draining process of the filter is automatically carried out during the operation of the entire equipment module. The filtration operation can still be carried out while the pulse cleaning and draining do not affect the normal filtration.

The CVTL tubular self-cleaning filter uses easy-to-clean metal filter elements, saving the cost of filtering consumables for bag and cartridge filters.

t reduces the manual maintenance fee, cleaning fee and product loss required for the traditional self-cleaning filter with a single structure further reduces the operating cost of the production cycle and expands the production capacity of customers.

BLU-ZQX-36 series products are CVTL tubular self-cleaning wedge wire filter screens.


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