Cuttings Dryer Wedge Wire Screen


  1. For separating cuttings from drilling fluid
  2. Support ribs are used to strengthen the screen
  3. The lower flange is used to fix the screen and connect with the screen bracket

Why Use The BLU-HG-829 Wedge Wire Screen?

The cuttings dryer is an effective device for processing drilling cuttings. The processed drilling cuttings meet HSE requirements and can be directly buried or discharged.

At present, it is mainly equipped on offshore drilling platforms in China, and land drilling rigs are basically not equipped.

However, there is no domestic manufacturer of cuttings dryers. With the enhancement of the country’s environmental protection requirements and the rising cost of drilling.

The cuttings dryer can effectively dispose of drilling cuttings and recover drilling fluid.

BLU-HG-829 provides a cuttings dryer wedge wire screen, which meets the functional requirements of the cuttings dryer for the separation of cuttings and drilling fluid.


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