Cutting Oil Easy Removal Wedge Wire Filter


  1. It is convenient to replace the filter element and improve the filtration efficiency of the filter element.
  2. More stable.
  3. Not easy to block.
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Why Use The BLU-QXY-20 Wedge Wire Filter?

Cutting oil is synthesized from base oil with different proportions of extreme pressure wear-resistant additives, lubricants, anti-rust agents, anti-mildew fungicides, coolants and other additives. Therefore, the product has excellent effects on CNC machine tools, cutting tools and workpieces. and complete protective properties of emulsions.

Cutting oil has super lubricating extreme pressure effect, effectively protects the tool and prolongs its service life, and can obtain extremely high workpiece precision and surface finish.

The cutting oil filter adopts multi-stage precision filtration, so as to reliably remove the moisture, impurities, gas and other harmful substances in the unqualified oil, and quickly restore the oil performance to meet the oil consumption standard.

The treated lubricating oil has low emulsification value, very little water content and high impurity accuracy, and can be reused in high-precision hydraulic and lubricating equipment at home and abroad.

The filter can operate continuously. Under the action of pressure, the dirty oil is pressed into the side filter, and the dirty oil is introduced from the center. After being filtered by the filter chamber, the clean oil is drawn out from the other corresponding channel of the filter plate.

During filtration, the dirty oil is distributed to each filter frame through the input channel, and the impurities are filtered and leaked on the filter plate through the filter.
In the output channel, when the filter residue on the surface of the filter paper gradually thickens and the water content in the filter paper increases, the filtration resistance increases.

However, the filter element in the filter is cylindrical, so the outer diameter of the filter element cannot be enlarged due to the limitation of the inner cavity of the filter body, so it is difficult to increase the filter area.

When the filtration area is low, there will be the following problems: the filter element needs to be replaced frequently due to the insufficient dirt-holding capacity of the filter element.

BLU-QXY-20 is a cutting oil wedge wire filter element that is easy to remove the filter element. By arranging a separate filter element sleeve and filter element in the filter, the filter element can be easily disassembled on the filter element sleeve.

The elastically movable filter cartridge can be adapted to filter cartridges of different heights, so as to solve the problems raised in the above-mentioned background art.


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