Cutting fluid filter element for multi-wire cutting machine


  1. Improve the filtering effect of cutting fluid
  2. It is convenient for the operator to disassemble the filter tube, and the operation is simple and convenient
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Why Use The BLU-QXY-738 Wedge Wire Filter?

Multi-wire cutting is a kind of high-speed reciprocating motion of the metal wire, which brings the abrasive into the semiconductor processing area for grinding.

A new type of cutting method for cutting hard and brittle materials such as semiconductors into hundreds of thin slices at one time, the CNC multi-wire cutting machine has gradually replaced the traditional inner circle cutting and become the main method of silicon wafer cutting.

At present, when enterprises are producing and processing workpieces, they often need to use multi-wire cutting machines. When the existing multi-wire cutting machines are working, they generally spray cutting fluid on the processing parts of the workpiece to cool the cutting wire.

At the same time, the machining parts of the workpiece are lubricated and cleaned, and then used cutting fluid generally flows into the filter device.

However, when the existing cutting fluid filtering device is in use, the filtering effect of metal debris in the cutting fluid is not ideal.

At the same time, there is the problem of difficult cleaning, so it needs to be improved.

Provided is a cutting fluid filtering device for a multi-wire cutting machine, which has the advantages of good filtering effect and convenient cleaning.

The BLU-QXY-738 wedge wire filter element solves the problem that the existing cutting fluid filtering device is not ideal for filtering metal debris in the cutting fluid, and there is a problem of difficult cleaning.


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