Cooling Tower Hub Lateral Screen

Brand: Bluslot®
Type: Hub Lateral Screen
Material: SS304, 316, 316l, 2205,32750, 904, 904L, Hastelloy
Slot size:  10 microns or more
Connection method: threaded fittings, couplings, or flanges
Application: Cooling Tower

Why Use The Hub Lateral System

  • The accessories in the cooling tower include packing, hub lateral system, fan, etc., of which the role of water distributor is more important.
  • The hub lateral systems splash hot water evenly on the whole drenching filler. The performance of water distribution will directly affect the uniformity of air distribution and the ability of filler to play a cooling role. Recently, through continuous innovation and transformation, the water distributor now has the characteristics of high rotation sensitivity, low water head, uniform water distribution, less floating water, flexible operation, long service life, convenient device, and simple repair.
  • The hub lateral system of the cooling tower is a water distributor for small and medium-sized circular countercurrent cooling towers. It is a key component in the cooling tower. The shell is made of cast aluminum and cast iron, and the central part is divided into the ordinary bearing and stainless steel bearing.
  • Low water supply pressure and energy saving.
  • Uniform water distribution and good performance.
  • There is a water baffle on the distribution pipe, which has the function of promoting water distribution uniformity and eliminating floating water. The swivel part of the water distributor is made of copper alloy, with a compact structure, high strength, and no corrosion. After the practical tests, this water distributor has a low failure and stable performance.

Product Structure Of Cooling Tower Hub Lateral System

The special water distributor for the cooling tower is composed of a bearing sealing device and a rotating body. The sealing device adopted is composed of a bearing sleeve arranged on the upper part of the water distributor, and the upper and lower ends are respectively connected with the cover plate and the support plate, so that the bearing arranged in the sealing device is matched with the central shaft, and the support plate and the body are connected through the connecting rod to form the rotating body of the water distributor. The shaft body between the sealing device and the machine body is also provided with a water-retaining device, which changes the impact state of the shaft bearing circulating water, can effectively avoid water vapor corrosion, ensure the normal operation of the whole and improve the service life.

There are generally 6-8 wedge wire hub Lateral screen pipes with uniform gaps, which is convenient for water flow to be evenly sprayed on the filler of the cooling tower, so as to achieve a better cooling effect.

Working Principle Of Hub Lateral System

  • The cooling water flows into the wedge-shaped mesh water distribution pipe through the water inlet pipe and the hub Lateral screen.
  • Water flow is formed through the gap on the hub Lateral screen pipe and sprinkled on the packing of the cooling tower.
  • Due to the small slot size of the wedge wire hub Lateral screen, the water flow has a certain speed. According to the principle of force and reaction, the water distribution pipe rotates under the force opposite to the direction of water flow, so that the water flow is continuously distributed to the packing of the cooling tower.
  • The water adheres to the surface of the packing and flows in a water film shape, which increases the water-gas contact interface. The air flows reversely with the water flow in the tower for heat exchange, so that part of the water vaporizes and takes away the heat, which plays the role of reducing the water temperature.


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