Cone Mill Screens For Tablet Dry Granulation

  1. Replacement Comil Mill Screen
  2. Round hole
  3. The operation is simple and the accumulation of raw materials can be avoided.
  4. It is easy to operate and adjust the distance between the screen and the granulating knife to achieve the purpose of adjusting the size of the crushed particles.
  5. The particle size distribution of the original feed did not change significantly.
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Reduce the size of a small percentage of oversized particles contained within a dry granulation formulation.


At present, the cone mill is used in the production of granular products, and its function is to granulate the shredded materials to produce qualified granular products of the specified size.

How it works is:

  1. The material to be processed enters the conical working cavity through the feeding hopper.
  2. The rotating rotary knife swirls the material and throws the particles to the cone mill screen.
  3. The shearing effect is produced by the rotary knife and the conical mill sieve, and the material is crushed.
  4. And discharged from the round screen hole.

At present, the granulation device room used for tablet dry granulation adopts a granulating knife to push the material through the screen to granulate or crush the material by impact

The particles are crushed into small particles between the rotary knife and the screen and discharged through the screen holes. The size of the crushed particles is adjusted by the aperture of the screen, the distance between the rotary knife and the screen, and the speed of the rotary knife.

Since the input of bulk raw materials is usually concentrated in local sections, the raw materials are unevenly distributed on the mesh. If the distance between the screen and the rotary knife cannot be adjusted in time, it is easy to cause a local accumulation of bulk raw materials on the screen.

Generally, a perforated screen is required to be installed in the granulator, and the perforated screen is a wearing part and needs to be replaced frequently.

The original crushing and granulating machine is an integral type, the screen needs to be installed first, then the shaft and the crushing and granulating knife are installed, and the crusher and the granulating machine are connected into one.

It is directly connected to the outlet of the compactor. When replacing the screen, it needs to be hung down as a whole, and the screen can be replaced only after it is completely disassembled.
It is, therefore, necessary to provide a durable screen.

To this end, BLUSLOT has developed a new type of BLU-ZLJ-01 series cone mill screen, which is corrosion-resistant and has a long service life, which greatly reduces the frequency of screen replacement. Ideal for dry tablet granulation.


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