CNC Cutting Fluid Wedge Wire Screen


  1. The cutting fluid quickly passes through the stainless steel filter screen to improve the filtration efficiency of the cutting fluid.
  2. Metal slag and other impurities are poured out from the filter frame for easy cleaning
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Why Use The BLU-QXY-739 Wedge Wire Screen?

In the industrial production process, especially in the machining process of wire cutting, turning, milling, planing, grinding, etc., a large amount of cleaning fluid and lubricant needs to be used.

These used cleaning liquids and lubricants are discharged as waste liquids together with magnetic impurities such as metal scraps and metal particles generated during processing.

In order to reduce the environmental pollution caused by the direct discharge of these waste liquids, it is generally necessary to filter and extract magnetic impurities such as metal wastes and metal particles mixed in and suspended in these waste liquids.

Existing cutting fluid usually uses a filter screen to filter the waste liquid or uses the magnetic conductivity of magnetic impurities to extend several magnetic rods into the waste liquid to absorb the magnetic particles suspended in the waste liquid.

However, the current method of cleaning magnetic particles is mainly the manual scraping method, because these magnetic particles and impurities are firmly adsorbed on the magnetic rod.

This makes cleaning very time-consuming and difficult, and the filter screen is usually installed in the filter device, and it is also inconvenient to clean the impurities inside the filter device.

BLU-QXY-739 provides a CNC cutting fluid wedge wire filter to solve the problem of inconvenient cleaning of filtering impurities.


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