Clear Sugarcane Juice Filter Screen


Brand: Bluslot®
Type: Wedge Wire Screen
Material: SS304, 316, 316l, 2205,32750, 904, 904L, Hastelloy
Slot size:  10 – 1000 microns
Application equipment: Sugarcane juice clarification is the filtering system of sugar equipment

Why Use The BLU-GZJ-02 Wedge Wire Screen Filter?

Sugarcane juice clarification is a very important step in the sugar production process. The sugarcane juice obtained by pressing needs to be clarified to reduce non-sugar components before the next step of cooking.

Sugarcane juice clarification generally includes the following processes: the sugarcane juice is heated to adjust the pH value and then enters the sedimentation tank for layering, and the lower green mud formed by the layering is filtered by a vacuum filter.

The upper layer of sugarcane juice formed by layering is passed through a cane juice filter to obtain clear juice, and the clear juice is heated again and then steamed in the next step.

The traditional sugarcane juice filter is equipped with a filter cartridge, the cane juice is passed into the filter cartridge, and the clear juice flows out through the perforations of the filter cartridge, while the filter residue remains in the filter cartridge, which requires manual operation to discharge the residue, which is inefficient and troublesome.

And the filter cartridge is open, the temperature loss of the cane juice is large, the loss is usually above 3 ℃, and the energy loss is serious. Therefore, it is urgent to design a clear sugarcane juice filter that does not require manual slagging and has less temperature loss of cane juice.

BLU-GZJ-02 series products provide a filter screen for clear sugarcane juice that can automatically discharge slag and reduce the temperature loss of sugarcane juice.

Advantage of BLU-GZJ-02 Wedge Wire Screen Filter

  1. After the sugarcane juice is introduced from the feed end, the clear juice is filtered out from the side wall of the filter cylinder, and the bagasse remains on the inner wall of the filter cylinder. Under the action of gravity and rolling force, the bagasse automatically moves to the slag discharge end and then is discharged to achieve automatic slag discharge. The purpose is to solve the problem that traditional equipment needs to manually climb the slag.
  2. The filter cartridge is arranged inside the closed shell and is not connected to the outside except for passing in sugarcane juice, discharging clear juice, and bagasse.
    Therefore, the heat loss in the whole filtration process is small. After testing, the temperature of the sugar cane juice is 98°C, the temperature of the sugarcane juice is above 95°C, and the temperature loss of the sugarcane juice is less than 3°C, which greatly reduces the heat loss.
  3. The cross-section of the filter cartridge is set in a hexagonal shape, and this structure has a good rolling effect.
  4. It is good to turn the bagasse in the filter cartridge to promote the movement of the bagasse to the slag discharge end, and also promote the separation of the clear juice and the bagasse.


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