Cider Diatomaceous Earth Filter


Brand: Bluslot®
Type: Wedge Wire Screen
Material: SS304, 316, 316l, 2205,32750, 904, 904L
Filtering accuracy: 20 microns – 4000 microns
Filtering direction: FOTI & FITO
Application: Cider clarification | Diatomaceous earth filter

Why Use BLU-GZT-07 Series Candle Filter Screen?

Cider is a fermented wine made from apples as raw materials through crushing, squeezing, low-temperature fermentation, and aging.
Its golden color, mellow taste, rich nutrition, and good health benefits. Low-alcohol fruit wine will gradually become a new fashion for alcoholic beverages.
However, in the process of processing, storage and sales, it is easy to cause loss of gloss, precipitation, corruption, turbidity, etc., which seriously affects the sensory and quality of apple wine.
How to obtain clarified and transparent fruit wine that can maintain long-term stability is the key to producing high-quality fruit wine. The clarification effect directly affects the final quality of the cider.
BLU-GZT-07 series wedge wire candle filter is the best solution.
According to the filtering effect and the type of filter layer, it can be divided into coarse filtration, fine filtration, and sterilization filtration.
At present, the equipment commonly used for cider filtration is a diatomaceous earth filter (for coarse filtration), plate filter (for coarse filtration or fine filtration).

Diatomite Filter Element

  • The diatomaceous earth filter is a pressure-type filtration machine that uses diatomaceous earth as a filter aid and uses diatomaceous earth whose particle size is gradually reduced.
  • It can be used to filter out solid particles of 0.1-1μm from the coarse filtration that replaces the sedimentation in the irrigation to the pre-filtration before membrane filtration.
  • The ability to clarify cider is generally 25-50m3/h and can be continuously filtered for 120-150h at a time.

There are many factors that cause the turbidity of cider. In actual production, it is necessary to analyze the reasons for the turbidity and select the most suitable filter element to improve the stability of the product and obtain a fruit wine product that meets the production requirements.


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