Chemical Catalyst Interception Wedge Wire Filter


  1. Mechanical removal of impurities eliminates the need to remove the coarse filter for manual cleaning
  2. The manual labor burden is reduced, and the cleaning efficiency is effectively improved
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Why Use The BLU-HG-543 Wedge Wire Filter?

The chemical industry is an industry that is closely related to people in urban life, and it is also popular in all aspects of life.

However, while the chemical industry brings people a convenient life, its products and wastes are diverse in chemical composition, so catalysts are generally used in chemical production to catalyze harmful substances in wastewater.

In the chemical process, after the catalyst is catalyzed, an interception filter device with a filter screen is usually used to recover the remaining catalyst.

However, due to the lack of a cleaning structure, the filter needs to be manually removed for cleaning, which has low cleaning efficiency and increases the labor burden.。

BLU-HG-54 provides a device for intercepting and filtering catalysts in chemical processes.

BLU-HG-54 provides a wedge wire filter device for intercepting and filtering catalysts in chemical processes.


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