Centrifugal Resin Trap Filter


Brand: Bluslot®
Type: Wedge Wire Resin Trap & Strainer Filter
Material: SS304, 316, 316l, 2205,32750, 904, 904L, Hastelloy
Slot size: 10 microns or more
Connection method: threaded fittings, couplings, or flanges
Application: Centrifugal Resin Trap

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Why use BLU-SZB-07 series Resin Trap Filter?

The resin trapper is a device used to capture the resin particles brought out of the ion exchanger with water. When the resin is used for online water treatment, when the quality of the resin is poor, the water pressure disturbance is large, and the resin cylinder wall is damaged, the resin will enter the whole water system, affecting the normal operation of other equipment of the system. Therefore, the resin trapper needs to be installed.

The general resin trapper is mainly to install a filter screen with a much smaller aperture than the resin on the water system pipeline near the outlet of equipment equipped with a resin such as an ion exchanger. When the resin passes through, it can be intercepted and captured by the filter screen.

The resin trapper is fixed, and the process of collecting resin particles is also a static water filtering process. When more resin particles are captured on the filter screen, the water filtering speed of the resin trapper becomes slower and slower, and although part of the water flow carrying resin particles is filtered out from the cylindrical sidewall of the filter screen, due to gravity and other reasons, Most of the water flows directly impact the bottom of the filter screen, resulting in the phenomenon that the bottom filter screen has no time to filter, the resin particles are seriously silted, and the utilization rate of the side filter screen is too low.

In view of the shortcomings of the prior art, the BLU-SZB-07 series provides a centrifugal resin trap filter, which can make full use of the sidewall Wedge wire screen to filter raw water and capture resin particles, with higher work efficiency.

Installation of BLU-SZB-07 series Resin Trap Filter

The centrifugal resin trapper comprises a shell, a water inlet assembly, and a centrifugal filtering device, the water inlet assembly, and the centrifugal filtering device are arranged in the shell, the water inlet assembly is fixedly connected near the upper part of the shell, and the centrifugal filtering device is connected below the water inlet assembly.

The water inlet assembly is fixedly connected with a vertical shaft at the central shaft, the lower end of the vertical shaft is sleeved with a bearing, and the centrifugal filter assembly comprises a water filtering basket, a torsion blade, and a resin collection chamber.

The water filtering screen basket is in a U-shaped structure, and the water filtering net basket is covered with sieve holes smaller than the particle size of resin particles.

One end of the torsion blade is fixedly connected to the outside of the bearing in a vertical state, the torsion blade is twisted by a certain angle along the length direction, and the other end is fixedly connected to the sidewall near the opening of the water filtering basket.

The resin collection chamber is connected to the bottom of the water filtering screen basket. The resin particles captured in the water filtering screen basket can sink down into the resin collection chamber for collection. The bottom of the resin collection chamber is connected with a recovery pipe, which passes through the shell and is connected with an extraction pump.

The water inlet assembly includes an upper water inlet port, a sidewall of the water inlet, and a lower water inlet port. The upper water inlet port is connected with a flow sensor to monitor the water flow through the upper water inlet port. The sidewall of the water inlet is inclined inward. The upper water inlet port and the lower water inlet port have the same central axis, and the diameter of the upper water inlet port is greater than that of the lower water inlet port, The lower inlet port faces the lower centrifugal filtering device.

The upper part of the water inlet sidewall is provided with a crossbar, one end of the crossbar is fixedly connected to the water inlet sidewall, and the other end is connected with a vertical downward vertical axis at the central axis. There are at least two crossbars, a plurality of crossbars are connected at the central axis, and the other end is distributed at an equal angle and fixedly connected with the water inlet sidewall.

Advantage of BLU-SZB-07 series Resin Trap Filter

The centrifugal filtering device uses a group of twisted blades to drive the water filtering basket to rotate. The filtered water flow is used as the power source to impact the twisted blades so that the water filtering basket and the twisted blades rotate around the vertical axis as a whole. The raw water in the water filtering basket makes centrifugal movement, the rotating water flow forms a vortex, and the resin particles are intercepted in the water filtering basket.

The water flow is evenly thrown out of the basket from the sidewall of the water filtering basket and enters the liquid phase space at the lower part. This filtration form not only has a higher filtration speed than the traditional static filtration, but also is fully used at each position on the sidewall and bottom of the water filtering basket during the filtration process, and the resin particles will not accumulate at the bottom of the basket only due to gravity.


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