Catalyst Wedge Wire Filter Screen


  1. Effectively solve the catalyst leakage caused by the internal components of the reforming reactor to leak into the next equipment along with the oil and gas.
  2. The gas enters the next reactor through the filter. If the catalyst leaks, it can be discharged from the bottom of the wedge wire filter.
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Why Use The BLU-HG-18 Wedge Wire Filter Screens?

Catalytic reforming is an important process in the secondary processing of petroleum. It is a catalytic reaction process aimed at producing high-octane gasoline components and aromatics.

Uninterrupted catalyst transportation is the key to continuous reforming reaction. The catalyst relies on its own gravity to enter the reactor from the upper hopper, then the lower hopper to the catalyst lifter.

It is then lifted to the upper hopper of the next reactor by the lifting gas, and then lifted to the regenerator after coming out of the reactor.

It enters the reactor through the process of primary scorching, secondary scorching, oxychlorination, roasting, reduction, etc., to carry out the catalyst cycle to achieve the purpose of regeneration.

After the oil and gas are heated by the heating furnace, they enter the reforming reactor and contact the catalyst in the reforming reactor. The reacted oil and gas enter the next heating furnace for heating and then enter the next reactor.

Because the internals of the reforming reactor is very complicated and there are many connections, the leakage points formed on the top of the reactor alone reach more than 100 points in six categories, and they are affected by temperature and pressure fluctuations under high-temperature conditions.

The reactor internals and connecting parts of the reactor are easily deformed and cracked, and agent leakage occurs, which causes great hidden dangers to the long-term operation of the device.

If the center pipe of the reforming reactor is damaged or deformed, the catalyst will leak into the four-in-one furnace manifold, and then enter the next reactor vee wire scallop, which will increase the pressure drop of the reactor and block the catalyst legs in severe cases.

If it is the fourth reactor, the catalyst enters the plate heat exchanger with the oil and gas, the heat exchanger plates are blocked, and the reformer is forced to shut down.

The characteristic of BLU-HG-18 series products is: the catalyst filter adopts the cylindrical structure, the oil and gas inlet is in the middle of the wedge wire cylinder, and the lower part is cone-shaped. The bottom is provided with a catalyst discharge port, the upper end of the cylinder is provided with an oil and gas outlet, the filter element is suspended in the cylinder, and the top of the filter element is connected with the oil and gas outlet.


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