Cane Sugar Production Process Wedge Wire Filter


  1. Eliminate rust impurities in cane juice and ensure the purity of cane juice entering the sugar cooking process
  2. Make the finished candy produced soft and white, without rust black spots, and improve the quality and grade of the finished candy
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Why Use The BLU-ZJG-09 Wedge Wire Filter?

Sugar cane production is a process in which sugar cane is used as raw material, and products such as white granulated sugar and raw sugar are made through the processes of juice extraction, purification, evaporation, crystallization, honey separation, and drying.

The finished white granulated sugar is required to be loose and white in appearance, and no obvious black spots should be seen on the white paper.

In the production process, due to the old equipment of the sugar factory, the pipes used for conveying cane juice are prone to rust, and the rust in the pipes will enter the sugar cooking process with the cane juice.

As a result, rust impurities are mixed into the massecuite, and rust black spots appear in the finished white granulated sugar, which affects the quality and grade of the finished white granulated sugar.

BLU-ZJG-09 provides a kind of sugarcane juice wedge wire filter, overcomes the deficiencies of the above-mentioned prior art, and it can effectively solve the rust impurities mixed in the sugarcane juice transportation and enter in the sugar cooking process.


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