Bypass Wedge Wire Filter For Circulating Water


Brand: Bluslot®
Type: Wedge Wire Screen
Material: SS304, 316, 316l, 2205,32750, 904, 904L
Filtering accuracy: 10 microns – 4000 microns
Filtering direction: FOTI & FITO
Installation angle: 45 degrees.
Wedge wire screen interval: 6cm
Quantity: 50 pcs

1-circulating water pipeline6-drain valve
2-control valve7-Bypass Wedge Wire Filter Screen
3-filter inlet pipe8-filter outlet pipe,
4-filter outer cylinder9-inspection hole
5-filter bottom plate10-bypass filter
There is a filter screen in the bypass filter, and a filter bottom plate is arranged at the bottom of the bypass filter.
The filter bottom plate is provided with a drain valve and an inspection hole.

Why Use The BLU-XHS-03 Bypass Wedge Wire Filter?

Circulating water to filter impurities Use a screen with an appropriate aperture as a filter to filter impurities entrained in the circulating water.

During operation, due to incomplete internal cleaning, debris such as welding slag can easily cause screen blockage.

The circulating water flow rate is small and cannot reach the design flow rate, the cooling effect of the equipment is poor, and the normal process conditions cannot be met.

In the industrial or central air-conditioning open circulating water system, the cooling tower takes away heat through the steam-water heat exchange device. In this process, it is equivalent to blowing the circulating cooling water with air driven by a fan, and this process will bring dust and impurities in the atmosphere into the circulating water system.

Secondly, the metabolism of bacteria and algae growing in the cooling tower, the corrosion products of the corrosion of the circulating water, etc. will cause the suspended solids and impurities in the circulating water system to continuously increase.

Among them, tiny impurities that are larger than water or slightly larger than water will be deposited in the most unfavorable loop or the place with the slowest flow rate.

Over time, the system pipelines are often blocked, which affects the heat exchange efficiency of the main engine, reduces the service life of the pipeline network, and greatly increases the energy consumption of the system.(Specifications require that the design flow rate of the most unfavorable loop should not be less than 0.3 m/s, and the lowest flow rate in the system is often the evaporator, condenser, end fan coil, etc. of the system host).

There are two main processes:

  • Install various strainer-type filters directly on the main pipe to filter impurities. This method is limited by the mesh aperture of the filter, and the filter effect cannot be achieved if the size of the impurity is micron.
    Too small filtering precision will increase the resistance of the pipe network and cause the filter itself to block. This method basically has no successful experience that can achieve the desired filtering effect.
  • By way of filtering (the specification requires that the filtering volume is 1 5% of the circulating water volume), the by-pass filter adopts a filler type filter, this type of filter has a good filtering effect, but the disadvantages are also obvious. 如:
    The volume is huge and the room space is limited.
    2. High precision but easy to foul and block, the backwash water consumption is large.
    3. It is difficult to realize automatic operation and difficult to control.

BLU-XHS-03 Bypass Wedge Wire Filter solves the technical problems mentioned above and provides a high-efficiency side filter device for circulating water with a small size and good filtering effect.

Advantage of BLU-XHS-03 Bypass Wedge Wire Filter

The wedge wire screen is not easy to be blocked, so it can be back washed.

In the industrial or central air-conditioning open circulating water system, install a wedge-shaped screen filter device, the equipment is small, the filtering effect is good, the pressure loss is low, there is no need to backwash the resurrection filter, the sewage volume is small, and it can be realized without stopping the machine. Sewage discharge can efficiently separate impurities with a specific gravity greater than water up to 5 microns.


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