Brackish Water Desalination Device Wedge Wire Filter


  1. The design is reasonable to ensure the stability of the effluent of freshwater treatment.
  2. Greatly improve the effect of brackish water desalination treatment.

Why Use The BLU-HSDH-01 Wedge Wire Filter?

Groundwater resources are an important part of water resources utilization and play an important role as a source of drinking water.

However, in areas where the surface soil is currently salinized, the groundwater and even the sedimentary water in pits and depressions collected by surface runoff are mostly saltwater and brackish water, which cannot be directly used as drinking water.

It cannot even be used to irrigate crops. Drinking such water for a long time will cause some electrolytes in the body to increase, affecting the functions of kidneys and blood vessels.

It is of great significance to study how to utilize underground brackish water resources.

To solve the above problems, BLUSLOT provides a brackish water desalination device BLU-HSDH-01 Wedge Wire Filter.


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