Bluslot Bead Mill Screen


  1. Material: 304
  2. Type: Wedge wire
  3. Slot: 50 – 800 microns
  4. FOTI
  5. OEM
  6. heat treatment
  7. MOQ:1
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In the prior art, in order to obtain nano-scale raw materials, the raw materials and a plurality of grinding beads are usually put into a grinding machine for grinding at the same time.

After grinding, the grinding particles in the grinding machine need to be classified into particle size by the screen, and the particles are collected by the collecting plate for the next process.

When grinding is completed, the ground material is separated from the grinding beads with a bead mill screen, so that the grinding beads can be reused. The existing bead mill screen sieve structure is unreasonable and cannot effectively separate the raw materials and grinding beads, resulting in incomplete separation of the raw materials, waste of resources, and the screen mesh in the prior art has a short service life.

The prior art has the following defects or problems:

  • When the existing equipment is used to bead mill screen out the particles, the horizontal screen will screen out the smaller particles through the screen, but the larger particles will still exist in the screen.
  • It is necessary to manually invert or use a vertical or oblique screen, but at the same time, there will be problems such as low space occupancy rate and unclean screening.
  • At the same time, there is also the problem of air humidity. After the particles are combined with the water mist, the screen will be blocked, resulting in the inability to separate the particles.
  • In the existing equipment, because the internal connection shaft is too long, the shaft at the end of the drive motor has a large runout, and there will be a strong jitter problem.
  • Prolonged use may cause mechanical damage to the internal devices.
  • In view of the above-mentioned defects of the prior art, Bluslot provides a bead mill screen sieve for a grinding machine with a reasonable structure, good separation effect, and long service life.


  • Improve the separation effect, so that the raw materials and grinding beads can be separated efficiently.
  • The screen has a long service life.
  • The bead mill screen is not easy to be blocked, and the screening and separation are more thorough.


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