Biopharmaceutical Liquid And Gas Filter Wedge Wire Cartridges


  1. Helps with critical filtration processes in biopharmaceutical production
  2. Using stainless steel 316 material, in line with medical standards
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The wedge wire screen filter element (BLU-SWZY-01) can realize the functions of residual hydraulic cleaning, slag discharge, and drying, and solid particles are completely intercepted on the surface of the v wire screen.

It has the advantages of high filtration accuracy, improved product purity, reduced product loss, metal membrane elements meet regeneration requirements through backwashing, long service life, and is not easy to form solid waste.

A new line of filter elements that meet ASME BPE and its stringent standards for hygienic design, material construction, and manufacturing.

Supports critical liquid and gas applications involving complex, multi-step chemistry for the manufacture of drugs and pharmaceuticals.

Key application areas include API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) manufacturing, sterile products, liquid creams and ointments, and product support utilities.

Technical Features

  • The high solid removal rate
  • Long service life, no consumables
  • Suitable for filtering high-temperature liquids
  • Suitable for liquids with a low solids content
  • The asymmetric structure of the filter element, is not easy to block, easy to backflush regeneration
  • Filter PLC control system, and can realize remote control
  • Non-metallic filter elements such as ceramic membrane and polymer sintered microporous can also be used

Scope of application: Biopharmaceutical industry filtration; fermentation broth filtration, crystal filtration; mother liquor or suspension filtration; catalyst filtration recovery, activated carbon decolorization filtration; CTA mother liquor filtration; PTA mother liquor filtration; DMC filtration, etc.


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