Banana Straw Screw Press Dewatering Screen


Brand: Bluslot®
Type: Screw Press Screen
Material: SS304, 316, 316l, 2205,32750, 904, 904L, Hastelloy
Slot size:  100 – 1500 microns
Application equipment: Screw press | Solid-liquid separator | Dewatering machine
Keywords: Wedge wire filter | Banana straw dewatering | Anti-blocking screen

Why Use The BLU-FLJ-01 Screw Press Dewatering Screen?

Banana is one of the important economic crops, it also has many industrial applications, such as papermaking, fuel production, feed, and so on.

The main function of the dewatering screen of the banana straw squeezer is to separate the materials that enter it from the water. The separated materials remain inside the dewatering screen, and the water flows out through the gaps between the wedge wire of the screen.

At this stage, banana straw dehydration methods are mainly roller-type rolling dehydration, which has a low dehydration rate and is prone to failure.

The dehydration method of ordinary screw pressing is not suitable for the dehydration of banana stalks, because banana stalks have more than 90% of water. The rest is fiber, and it is very easy to cause the dewatering screen to block the material during the dehydration process, which makes it difficult to separate the material from the water.

Or the materials and water are squeezed out together, which seriously affects the efficiency and quality of the dewatering of the banana straw squeezing equipment. The structure of the dewatering screen has become the main factor restricting the development of banana straw screw press dewatering equipment.

The BLU-FLJ-01 Screw Press Dewatering Screen provides a solution that can effectively solve the problem of material blocking in the dewatering screen of the banana straw press. Improve the dehydration efficiency and quality of banana straw.

Structure Of BLU-FLJ-01 Screw Press Dewatering Screen

The screen cylinder includes flanges, cylinder hoops, and wedge wire, and is characterized by:

  • The wedge wire is connected and fixed by the drum hoop, and several wedge wires are spliced into the main structure of the dewatering screen.
  • Both ends of the main body are connected by flanges.
  • On the main body of the dewatering screen, the gaps created by the splicing of the wedge wire are narrow inside and wide outside, and the gaps are evenly distributed on the main body of the dewatering screen.
  • The dewatering screen is a circular screen formed by connecting flanges, drum screens, and screen bars.

How does Screw Press Dewatering Screen work?

  • After the banana straw squeezer enters the working state, the material will quickly enter the dewatering screen, as the squeezing force of the squeezing mechanism increases.
  • With the rotation of the screw shaft, the gap of the material becomes smaller and the squeezing force becomes larger. The material entering the dewatering screen will separate a large amount of water in the material due to the squeezing force.
  • Since the sieve bar on the dewatering screen adopts a trapezoidal structure or a triangular structure(wedge wire) with a narrow inside and a wide outside, the separated water will be discharged through the gap.
  • After the water is separated, the material remains inside the dewatering screen due to the fiber structure of the banana straw and is discharged from the outlet of the press as the screw blade pushes it.
  • The use of narrow inside and wide outside of the screw press dewatering screen gap can greatly improve the dewatering efficiency and quality of the banana straw press, and help reduce the transportation cost of the dewatered material.


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