Anti-Clogging Cutting Fluid Wedge Wire Filter For Boring And Milling Machine


  1. Improve the filtering effect of cutting fluid, reduce the content of solid particles in the recovered cutting fluid, and improve the cutting quality
  2. Use the agitator to prevent debris from accumulating at the water outlet, prevent the water outlet from being blocked, and ensure the filtering effect
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Why Use The BLU-QXY-91 Wedge Wire Filter?

Cutting fluid is in the process of cutting, both cutting and scribing, and scratching occur between the grinding wheel and the material, resulting in a large amount of cutting heat.

The temperature in the cutting zone can reach about 400-1000°C. Under such a high temperature, the material will be deformed and burned, tool 2 will also be severely worn, and the cutting quality will be reduced.

Under normal circumstances, cutting fluids are used in cutting operations to remove a large amount of cutting heat and reduce the temperature of the cutting area.

Effective use of cutting fluid can increase the cutting speed by 30%, reduce the temperature to 100-150℃, reduce the cutting force by 10%-30%, and prolong the service life of the tool by 4-5 times.

In order to save the cost of raw materials, it is generally necessary to recycle the cutting fluid during the cutting process.

However, each cycle of the cutting fluid will take away part of the debris from the machining station, resulting in solid particle pollutants such as cutting dust in the recovered cutting fluid.

Therefore, it is generally necessary to perform solid-liquid separation and filtration in the process of cutting fluid recovery. However, the debris of the current filter device is easy to accumulate, resulting in blockage of the water outlet and poor filtering effect.
BLU-QXY-91 series products provide a wedge wire filter that can solve the above problems.



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