Agricultural Irrigation Self-Cleaning Wedge Wire Filter Element


  1. The filter element is small in size.
  2. It is not easy to be clogged and easy to clean.
  3. Choose filter elements of different specifications according to different water quality conditions, which has a wider range of applications.

Why Use The BLU-ZQX-34 Self Cleaning Filter Screens?

At present, the filters used in the agricultural irrigation field mainly include laminated filters, gravel media filters, centrifugal filters, and mesh filters.

The application mainly adopts the combined form of filtration, such as sand and gravel media filter with laminated filter, centrifugal filter with a laminated filter or sand filter with mesh filter, etc.

The single filter can only achieve a single filtering function and can meet the actual filtering requirements after combined application.

However, the combined application of the filter group has many drawbacks. The increase in the number of filter stages will inevitably increase the difficulty of pipe connection. The complicated and diverse pipe fittings increase the system cost and increase the space occupied by the equipment.

The increase of pipe fittings, the increase of pipes, and the bending of the water flow channel increase the head loss of the filtration system and increase the power of the first supporting water pump. At the same time, the multi-stage filter needs to be back washed after filtering for a period of time. The more stages there are, the more water is consumed for individual washing.

Increasing the flushing frequency also causes a lot of waste of water resources, which reduces the use efficiency of the equipment.

The BLU-ZQX-34 series products overcome the shortcomings of the existing technology and provide a wedge wire self-cleaning filter screen.

Anti-Cleaning Mode Of Wedge Wire Filter

During the backwashing process of the wedge wire filter, the central controller controls the water inlet of the tank to be cleaned to close the three-way valve through the lower pressure difference switch alarm.

The sewage solenoid valve is opened, and part of the water from other tanks connected in parallel with the tank to be cleaned enters the wedge wire filter cavity through the water outlet of the tank to be cleaned.

The impurities attached to the inner wall of the wedge-shaped filter screen are washed away by backwashing the wedge wire filter screen and discharged from the U-shaped sewage pipe and the sewage main pipe.

The central controller controls the motor to drive the U-shaped sewage pipe to rotate to complete the cleaning process of different wedge-shaped filters.


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