Long Perforated-Type Drilling Fluid Drill Pipe Screen


  1. Material: SS304, 316, 316L
  2. Long: 12″ 18″ 24″ 36″
  3. Thickness: 7 & 11 Gauge
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Why Use The BLU-ZLZ-12 Drill Pipe Screen?

In the drilling process of the prior art, a filter is usually placed in the drill pipe to drill pipe screen out impurities in the drilling fluid, and the liquid inlet of the drilling fluid is usually arranged at the upper end.

When in use, the filter opening is placed in the drill pipe, the drilling fluid will flow directly into the drill pipe screen first, and the filtered acrobatics will remain in the filter.

In the above-mentioned design method of the prior art, since the drill pipe screen is easy to fall, the safe use allowable amount of impurities that can be accommodated in the filter is relatively small, so that the single-use time of the filter in drilling is short.

Moreover, the drilling fluid flowing into the filter will directly impact the filter, which will easily cause the filter to fall.

The BLU-ZLZ-12 series product provides a drill pipe screen for filtering drilling fluid, which solves the problems of the prior art that the filter can accommodate a small number of impurities and the filter is easy to fall.


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