Diatomaceous Earth Filter Element

WHAT IS A DIATOMACEOUS EARTH FILTER ELEMENT (DE FILTER ELEMENT)? Diatomite filter element refers to a filter element that uses diatomite as the main medium and uses the fineness and porosity of diatomite particles to remove suspended particles, colloids, and other impurities in the fluid. Diatomaceous earth or DE is a high-performance filter that has an extraordinary ability to absorb or filter impurities from water. The diatomite coating is attached to the wedge wire filter element, and the filtration precision can reach 1-2 microns, with low cost and high efficiency, which is usually called pre-coating filtration. It is a filter element widely used to purify fluids.
APPLICATION OF DIATOMACEOUS EARTH FILTER ELEMENT: Drinking water, process water, wastewater, food and beverages, swimming pools, beer, fruit wine, liquor, wine, syrup, beverages, soy sauce, vinegar, and liquid products such as biology, medicine, and chemicals. 
HOW DOES DE FILTRATION WORK? The diatomaceous earth filter element consists of two parts: A wedge wire filter and diatomaceous earth filter aid. First, the diatomaceous earth slurry is circulated in the pre-coating tank, so that the surface of the filter element adheres to the "diatomite pre-coating" (the amount of precoat should be 10 to 20 pounds of diatomaceous earth filter aid per 100 square meters). The diatomaceous earth coating on the wedge wire filter then acts like a sponge to absorb impurities that pass through the filter. After filtration, water or compressed air, or both are often used for backwashing.

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