Battery Slurry Filtration

Why Use The Battery Slurry Wedge Wire Filter? In the field of lithium battery manufacturing, there are many complex filtration applications, including positive and negative electrodes after stirring and beating, filtration, and positive and negative electrodes after coating and feeding. But even with fine pulping and fine coating, the phenomenon of slurry particles will inevitably appear. The appearance of particles in the lithium battery slurry greatly affects the coating area density and increases the scrap rate caused by coating scratches. Why do particles appear in battery slurry? The appearance of particles in the lithium battery slurry even after filtration is actually due to the agglomeration of non-Newtonian slurry. Due to the uneven internal pressure of the slurry, the particles are dehydrated, and the partially compressed slurry is produced by the agglomeration of the dehydrated particles. Since this force exists at all times, even if vacuum stirring is added at any time. Particles are generated at any time, so how to filter slurry particles is a major problem in the front-end process of lithium batteries. In the long-term practice of BLUSLOT, the self-designed outer wedge wire filter can effectively remove the slurry particles in the lithium battery manufacturing process. 
Battery Slurry Wedge Wire Filter filtration principle: The liquid passes through the filter screen from the outside to the inside, the impurities are intercepted outside the wedge wire screen, and the motor is started when the pressure difference reaches the predetermined pressure difference. The motor drives the scraper to scrape off the impurities, and the blowdown valve opens to discharge the impurities. In some cases, the filtration of the negative electrode is quite different from that of the positive electrode, and it is necessary to provide another solution for the negative electrode and replace the with different specifications. The battery dynamic wedge wire screen filter element can effectively solve the problem that the positive and negative electrode slurry cannot be filtered in the field of battery manufacturing, or the slurry filtration speed is slow, or the slurry precipitation and other problems. 
Advantage: 1. It is especially suitable for the filtration of high viscosity liquids, especially when the impurities in the liquid are colloidal particles. 2. Online cleaning, online sewage. 3. High filtration precision, can reach 10 microns. 4. Easy and quick maintenance and disassembly. 5. The discharge time is very short, only 0.7 seconds, and the liquid loss is very small. 6. High welding strength and will not deform. 7. No need to change the filter screen, no need to open the cover frequently to check the filter screen, automatic discharge of impurities, closed operation to avoid manual contact with materials, the filter element of the Johnson screen is very efficient.

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