Amine Liquid Filtration

Amine solutions are used to purify gas streams by removing hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. Amine systems are inevitably contaminated with organic and inorganic contaminants. The presence of impurities in the entire system can cause serious problems, the system can be affected by corrosion, resulting in poor performance and shortened equipment life.  BLUSLOT has developed a stainless steel wedge wire filter element for the amine system.
Function: For the filtration of poor and rich amine liquid. The process of amine filtration is also known as amine gas treatment, amine scrubbing, gas desulfurization, and gas removal. Reduce amine solvent loss, reduce waste and environmental pollution, prevent amine foaming, reduce corrosion, avoid scaling, increase efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs. Reduces particulate contamination levels in amines, resulting in improved process control, increased gas handling, and extended amine solution life.
Application: For amine treating units in oil refineries, natural gas processing plants, and ammonia plants.

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