Cone Mill Screen

Bluslot® provide a wide range of Cone Mill Screens (or Conical Mill Sieves and Comil Screen) that is suitable for usage in all kinds of cone mills.
Cone Mill Screen Specifications. Material: Stainless steel 316. Type: lab models & production models. Screen hole size: 0.5 - 25mm. Hole type: Round, grater, square, slotted, conidur holes. Surface treatment: The surface is micro-polished treated to give a smooth nonsticky finish. Advantage: Joint-less design, lead Free, more uniform particle size, flexibility in design, and higher capacity.
Cone Mill Screen Hole Type and Application: Round Hole Screen, 0.10mm - 6.50mm, pharmaceutical industry tablet manufacturing. Used for dry milling, blending, deagglomeration and for reducing the bulk density of spray-dried powders. Grater Hole Screen, 0.50mm - 32.50mm, suitable for hard or elastic materials and fiber products. Conidur Hole screen: Suitable for very brittle crystalline products. Square Hole Screen, for blending or blending high-fat materials such as fat/dried cheese mixtures. Slotted Hole Screen, Product recycling for cream cookies or granola bars.

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