Drill Pipe Screen

Drill pipe screen [Фильтр бурильной колонны], also called drill pipe spill and mud screen strainers, is a filtering part in drilling applications. Material: SS304 or 316 / thickness: 3, 4, 5, 6mm(7 gauge, 11 gauge, 16 gauge) / Function: Filter out impurities in the drilling fluid, protect MWD instruments and prevent impurities from clogging the drill bit port / Type: rod, bar, slotted, perforated, spiral / Holes: 5/16”, 1/4", 3/16”/ Long: 2', 3', 10", 12", 18", 24". 36" / suitable for: 5-1/2’’ 4-1/2’’ 3-1/2’’ and 2-7/8’’ / Surface treatment: heat treatment.
FBK drill pipe screen is designed to remove mechanical impurities in drilling fluid, so as to warn drilling tool failure in time, and prevent foreign matter from entering the drill pipe string in advance when replacing equipment and drilling tools. FBK drill pipe screen are produced according to the GOST 5286-75 standard for installation in tool joints for drill pipes with nominal diameters from 73 to 147 mm. The drill pipe screen can be used for vertical and inclined well drilling in various climatic conditions on land or offshore. It removes mechanical impurities from the drilling fluid and prevents them from entering the drill pipe. Drill pipe filters prevent foreign material from entering during equipment or drill tool changes. Large particles that negatively affect the operation of the rest of the equipment are trapped as drilling fluid passes through the perforated portion of the filtration system, and removed when the drill string is lifted.
The column drill pipe screen consists of perforated stainless steel plate, truncated cone cut and twisted to a given angle, perforated bottom, stop cone and fishing handle. The drill pipe screen consists of two perforated elements: a nozzle and a streamlined cover. The body is made in the form of a drill head, in which the key elements of the device are located, and has a circular ledge. It also includes a flange with a pipe tip, the pipe end ensures a stable position for the filter, the flange is necessary for a good fit with the circular ledge inside the housing. Perforations can be round, for conical filters, or slotted - this type of perforation is used in cylindrical drill string filters and is more commonly used in the oil industry.

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