Sugar Mill Screens

Precision and uniformity of screens in sugar processing are critical elements. Bluslot® provides the most complete filtration solutions for cane and beet sugar through the application of modern and innovative technologies.  
Bluslot® product types include Centrifugal screens, sieve bend screens, rotary drum filter (Juice) screens, sugar syrup filters, and beet sugar screw press screens.
Advantage: The surface of the sugar mill screen is smooth, the juice can flow smoothly, and the V-shaped wire structure with a narrow inside and a wide outside can avoid clogging the slot. Bluslot's patented product structure can ensure the maximum flow of materials and reduce the residence time of impurities in the mesh surface, thereby reducing cleaning times and maintenance costs. At the same time, it can also provide excellent support effect and improve the service life of the sugar mill screen. Can maximize the efficiency to increase the recovery rate of sucrose.

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