Phosphorus Removal Water Filter

Self Cleaning Filter for High-Pressure Phosphorus Removal Water Processes
Self Cleaning Filter for High-Pressure Phosphorus Removal Water Processes

The Blulsot® technical team has successfully developed a new series of Hydro-Yel self-cleaning filters. This self-cleaning filter is characterized by strong pressure resistance and can work efficiently in high-pressure environments. Currently, we use two materials, stainless steel and carbon steel (painted). Customers can choose the appropriate material according to the actual working environment.

On February 27, 2016, a customer in the metallurgical industry sent us feedback. We designed and developed the Hydro-Yel series of self-cleaning filters for them in 2014, which play a role in the filtration process of high-pressure phosphorus removal water. During the past two years of use, this series of products has worked very stably, and customers have given it high praise.

However, minor problems inevitably occurred during the two years of use. The main problem is that after the customer used the product for one year, there was a problem with the scraper inside the self-cleaning screen. As a result, the efficiency of self-cleaning is reduced, so our technicians went to the customer’s factory.
After inspection, it was found that the cause of the problem was a quality problem with the spring component inside the scraper. After replacement, the problem was perfectly solved.

To this end, the director of the production department stipulated that all accessories, large and small, must undergo strict quality inspection.

Hydro-Yel Series Self-Cleaning Filter Guide

Phosphorus Removal Auto Self Cleaning Water Filter By Bluslot
Phosphorus Removal Auto Self Cleaning Water Filter By Bluslot

Hydro-Yel self-cleaning filter is our newly developed self-cleaning filter. It is mainly used in the filtration process of high-pressure phosphorus removal water. The system provides an uninterrupted water supply during cleaning and sewage discharge and can monitor the working status of the filter with a high degree of automation.
The simple design and good performance of the Hydro-Yel self-cleaning filter enable high-pressure phosphorus removal water to achieve the best filtration effect. Hydro-Yel overcomes the many shortcomings of traditional filtration products such as small dirt-holding capacity, easy to be clogged by dirt, the filter part needing to be disassembled and cleaned, and the filter status not being monitored.

In the filtration of high-pressure phosphorus removal water, a Hydro-Yel self-cleaning filter is a very cost-effective product. Unlike our other range of auto self-cleaning filters, the Hydro-Yel range can withstand greater pressures (often above 10 bar). Therefore, in high-pressure environments, it can also be selected for coarse filtration.

In addition to being used to filter high-pressure phosphorus removal water, Hydro-Yel self-cleaning filters can also be applied to other industrial filtration links. For example: side filtering in circulating water plants, filtering underground spray water, pretreatment systems for sewage treatment, and water treatment in the mining industry.

To improve the quality of steel materials in the steel industry, it is very important to install a high-pressure water phosphorus removal system on the rolling line. If you want the phosphorus removal system to be stable and circulate high-pressure water to remove phosphorus, the installation of a self-cleaning filter is very necessary. This self-cleaning filter has a large flow rate and a high degree of automation. It can efficiently intercept more than 98% of impurities in phosphorus removal circulating water and improve the use efficiency of circulating water by 60%. Extend the service life of the high-pressure pump of the phosphorus removal system by 5-8 years.

If you need to customize self-cleaning filters of other specifications and materials, you can contact us at any time. We provide free design services.