HydroRed-YT Filter

HydroRed-YT series automatic self cleaning strainer
Self Cleaning Strainer

HydroRed-YT automatic self-cleaning strainer is mainly used for industrial wastewater filtration. The efficient filter screen intercepts larger floating objects and solid impurities in sewage. Generally installed before the water inlet of the water treatment system or pumping station. A high-precision filter screen can also be used to intercept finer suspended solids such as fibers in wastewater.

  • Single unit processing capacity: 80 – 1200 cubic meters per hour.  
  • Maximum working pressure: 0.1-1.8 Mpa.
  • Pressure loss during filter cleaning: ≤0.015 Mpa.
  • Maximum working water temperature: 110 degrees.  
  • Filtration precision range: 100-1500 microns.  
  • Amount of water required for self-cleaning: less than 1.1%。  
  • HydroRed-YT Self-cleaning time: 10-110 seconds.
  • Self-cleaning control methods: pressure difference, time, and manual.  
  • Electrical control method: AC three-phase, 380V/50Hz.  
  • Control interface: digital display, knob, switch.
  • Filter type: Wedge wire self-cleaning screen (recommend) or woven screen.
HydroRed-YT series automatic self cleaning strainer drawing
Automatic self cleaning strainer drawing

HydroRed-YT Industrial wastewater self-cleaning filter operating instructions: 

After unpacking, check whether the equipment and components are complete according to the packing list and whether they are damaged. 
Correct connection lines according to the water inlet and outlet marked on the equipment. 
When hoisting this equipment, do not use the reduction motor and drain hole as stress points. 
Test first, then power on the device.
Install pressure gauges at the water inlet and outlet to facilitate equipment maintenance and bypass them. 
The control box can be connected to the power supply only after the pipeline is filled with water and tested for pressure. 
The outlet connectors of the reduction motor, pressure difference sensor and sewage electric valve on the filter housing are in one-to-one correspondence with the outlet connectors of the control box (the equipment has been connected at the factory). 
Check the incoming power voltage to prevent the machine from burning. Only after confirming that there is no problem can you turn on the power. 
Turn on the power switch of the electric control box. Set up a timer. Check whether the reduction motor can drive the steel brush to rotate. 

Technical Parameters

ModelODInlet/outletJJ1J2YY1KFilter areaThroughputWeight

Why choose our HydroRed-YT series automatic self cleaning strainer?

Industrial wastewater refers to wastewater and waste liquid discharged during process production. It contains industrial production materials, intermediate products, by-products and pollutants generated during the production process that are lost with water. It is an important cause of environmental pollution, especially water pollution.
Filters are required during industrial wastewater treatment. When the existing filter is in operation, a large amount of impurities are easily attached to the filter cartridge inside the filter. Even if you rely on bristles to clean the impurities outside the filter cartridge, some impurities will still be stuck in the filter holes. Therefore, the situation cannot be effectively cleaned. The cleaning effect is poor and affects later use.

To this end, we have developed the HydroRed-YT series of automatic self-cleaning strainers.

  • The scraper of this series of filters works perfectly with the filter screen and can effectively scrape out impurities.
  • It can drive the collision plate to move continuously while cleaning the filter cartridge. In turn, the impurities stuck inside can be shaken out, making the impurities more thoroughly cleaned.
  • The rotating scraper can push the impurities falling on the surface of the closed plate. This allows impurities to enter the cleaning tube more thoroughly and leave the shell.