HydroRed-UF Filter

HydroRed-UF series self cleaning mechanical filter
Self Cleaning Strainer

This series of products realize an automated cleaning process, reducing the burden of manual operations. It can be intelligently adjusted according to the actual situation of the system, improving the convenience and accuracy of operation.

  • Single unit processing capacity: 50 – 800 cubic meters per hour.  
  • Maximum working pressure: 0.1-1.6 Mpa.
  • Pressure loss during filter cleaning: ≤0.020 Mpa.
  • Maximum working water temperature: 98 degrees.  
  • Filtration precision range: 100-2000 microns.  
  • Amount of water required for self-cleaning: less than 1.2%。  
  • Self-cleaning time: 10-80 seconds.
  • Self-cleaning control methods: pressure difference, time, and manual.  
  • Electrical control method: AC three-phase, 380V/50Hz.  
  • Control interface: digital display, knob, switch.
  • Filter type: Wedge wire self-cleaning screen (recommend) or woven screen.
hydroRed-UF series self cleaning mechanical filterdrawing

Technical Parameters

ModelODInlet/outletL1L2L3L4HDFilter areaThroughputWeight

Cleaning steps:

  • When the pressure difference switch detects that the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the filter reaches the preset value (0.5bar).
  • The diaphragm drain valve opens to communicate with the atmosphere.
  • The motor drives the steel brush inside the filter to rotate.
  • Close the diaphragm drain valve.

The use of a circulating water self cleaning strainer can effectively extend the life of the

The use of a circulating water self-cleaning strainer can effectively extend the life of the equipment and reduce the possibility of failure. It also reduces the cost of repairing and replacing equipment.

HydroRed-UF series self-cleaning filter ensures the cleanliness and quality of circulating water by capturing and removing suspended solids and particulate pollutants in circulating water. The automatic cleaning mechanism can clean the filter material regularly to maintain filtration efficiency. It also reduces the need for manual maintenance. HydroRed-UF series self-cleaning mechanical filter is widely used in circulating water systems, such as cooling water circulation systems, swimming pool water treatment systems, etc.