HydroRed-KP Filter

HydroRed-KP Filter for Cooling Tower
HydroRed-KP Filter for Cooling Tower

HydroRed-KP is mainly used to filter impurities in cooling tower circulating water. There is no need to manually clean the screen, and the entire cleaning process is completed online. There is no shutdown, which avoids the phenomenon of filter shutdown and maintenance affecting the normal operation of the filtration system. 

The booster pump pumps the cooling water from the cooling tower into the HydroRed-KP automatic cleaning filter. This series of filters uses a 30-micron filter screen. Impurities larger than 30 microns cannot pass through the gaps in the filter screen, and they will temporarily stay in the filter. After the self-cleaning process is completed, all particulate impurities will “escape” the filter through the drain valve.
The clean water then travels to two different pipes. One of the streams will continue flushing the sewage system. Another stream of water flows to the cooling tower system, where it continues to do its job.

Advantages of HydroRed-KP automatic cleaning filter: 

  • Machines replace labor, no longer need to manually clean the filter screen, more efficient。
  • High efficiency and stable filtration effect.
  • Lower pressure, saving energy consumption.
  • It has the characteristics of an uninterrupted water supply and no need for bypass during cleaning and sewage discharge. Moreover, the cleaning time is short and the water consumption for sewage discharge is small. 
  • Pure physical cleaning, no chemical pollution. 
  • It can realize the bypass filtering function of cooling water and achieve a comprehensive purification effect of cooling water after multiple cycles.  
  • Maintenance costs are low, consumables only cost a few hundred yuan per year, and the use of high-quality filter materials can also reduce losses.
  • There is motor overload protection, which can effectively protect the motor.  
  • Safe and reliable. The shell has a strong pressure-bearing capacity and has no redundant electronic accessories. There will be no safety issues during use.
HydroRed-KP Filter Drawing

HydroRed-KP Technical Parameters


Cooling Tower Circulating Water HydroRed-EA Self-Cleaning Strainer 

HydroRed-KP cooling tower industrial circulating water self-cleaning strainer uses a filter to directly intercept impurities in the water. Remove suspended solids and particulate matter from water, reduce turbidity, and purify water quality. Reduce system dirt, bacteria, algae, rust, etc. It is a delicate device that purifies water and protects the normal operation of other equipment in the system.

Intelligent (PLC, PAC) design. The system can automatically identify the degree of impurity deposition and send a signal to the sewage valve to automatically discharge all sewage. It can be installed vertically, horizontally, or inverted in any direction and at any position. In addition to playing a role in the cooling tower circulating water filtration system, it can be found in various industrial water treatment sites. For example: water filtration in industry, agriculture, municipal power, electronics, medicine, food, printing and dyeing, construction, steel, metallurgy, papermaking, and other industries.

Process features:

  • Unique product structure and functional design. The structure is compact and the filter housing has high strength and can work in high-pressure environments. Avoid all kinds of dripping caused by welding of steel filter housing.
  • The anti-corrosion properties of high-strength ductile iron materials extend the service life of the product. If customers need it, we will also use high-quality stainless steel as raw material. To extend the service life of the self-cleaning screen, this series of products is made of SS316L material.
  • Professional filter element design and manufacturing technology. The high-precision filter element is not easy to wear. Provide quality inspection reports before leaving the factory, including pressure inspection, accuracy inspection, raw material inspection, etc.
  • Powerful self-cleaning function, especially suitable for working in environments with poor water quality.